Our Company

Lina LLC is the large dynamic manufacturing company specializing in the production and sale of frozen semi-finished foods.

At the moment the range of products makes more than 150 items. They include pancakes, crêpes, griddle cakes, dumplings, meat dumplings and cutlets.

High-quality products is the company's basic principle.

Only natural ingredients are used in production. There are no food additives. Blast chilling (shock freeing) technology is applied. It helps to save natural aroma and taste and not to break the microstructure. Due to long-term cooperation with suppliers of environmentally friendly products and application of advanced technologies, the company's specialists have achieved the truly home-made taste.

Lina LLC is presented in the market by its well-known trademarks "СПЫЛУСЖАРУ" and "НашиМолодцы".

The management of the company don't rest on their laurels. Due to constant analysis of market needs the enterprise is developed, new production is produced, recipes are improved, packing is renewed, processing lines are modernized. "C ПЫЛУСЖАРУ" products have become the real best-seller.The trademark is known in 75 Russian regions, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. Customers choose our pancakes for excellent quality and perfect home-made taste. The favorite trade label is constantly widened by bringing new products. Today fast-frozen pancakes, pancakes for frying, crêpes and griddle cakes "СПЫЛУСЖАРУ" are manufactured at the enterprise.These products can be found not only on the shelves of Russian stores, but also in countries near and far abroad.

Working with foreign partners we have come to a better understanding of the European buyer's needs. Being guided by the experience and knowledge, we are proud to present our new "premium " trademark "Crêpelatier".The real French crêpes –  sophisticated, light, melting with various stuffings, nobody will remain indifferent. Natural ingredients of the highest quality are only used. Our production doesn't contain gene-modified ingredients (GMOs) and preservatives.

The guarantee of delicious taste and good quality is the experience, knowledge and skillful hands of our masters. At the moment our friendly staff totals more than 1000 people. The company has two large working areas: in Ryazan and in Skopin (Oblast Ryazan). At the enterprise the HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) system is applied. Technologists use the multistage monitoring system, from food production and preparation processes including packaging, distribution, etc. Foodstuffs are produced on the modern European equipment.


The company's mission:

We produce food in the best traditions of home cooking for health and pleasure of our consumersand partners!



Lina LLC was founded on June 18, 2001. The primary activity of the company is production of frozen semi-finished foods.

The enterprise's activity began with sale of fresh frozen vegetables, fruits and berries. In 2002, it was decided to organize its own production of meat dumplings (pelmeni). The first processing line started working by the mid-year. The first steps in production were taken carefully and thoroughly thought over. Then, having gained experience and having realized that the right direction had been chosen, the company management decided to expand the assortment and improve productivity. At that time several kinds of meat dumplings were produced and the range of cutlets was added to them.

At each stage of development the main emphasis was placed on quality and environmental friendliness of products. Nowadays, the exclusive automatic processing line from Holland is used for pelmeni production. The production of high-quality, eco-friendly and bright packing is entrusted toexperts from Italy.

In 2007, the enterprise started to produce pancakes.  After successful realization of thetrial consignment, a special workshop for pancake-making was organized.

In 2012, based on extensive market research among customers from different levels of population, it was decided to bring to marketa new refrigirated item – griddle cakes.The trial consignment and sales showed positive results, and in late 2012, a fritters-making line was launched.

By 2005 the company's outputs reached 200 tons a month. In 2012, theyincreased sixfold, to 1200 tons. In 2014, it's more than 1500 tons.

Today, the enterprise consists of two large working areas. The first one is situated in Ryazan, where pelmeni and cutlets are produced. The second one is in Skopinsky District (Ryazan Oblast), Verderevo village, and its direction is the production of griddle cakes and pancakes with various fillings.